Dependable cottage care by Unwind.

Let go. Be present. We are here to help
you make the most of every second.

Rock solid service every step of the way

Unwinds offers a clear set of services from property maintenance and monitoring, tradesperson coordination to small construction projects.

We are a reflection of everything Rockscape has built over years of working with Muskoka’s cottagers. Our foundation has always been to provide exceptional service by creating outdoor spaces that showcase Muskoka’s natural beauty.

As an extension of the high quality service we’ve always provided, Unwind is here to make sure that your cottage experience is memorable and refreshing.

Get out there and unwind,
we’ve got this

Everyones needs are different. Get in touch with unwind so we can build a custom service plan for you.

property maintenance and monitoring   •   tradesperson coordination   •   small construction projects

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Unwind promises to bring a thorough and professional service when you need it most. 
Our first priority is for you to know that your home away from home is ready for you to enjoy.

There are some memories that last a lifetime. Don’t miss a moment.