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Rockscape Gallery
Rockscape Gallery

A fire pit is a great way to spend quality family time, away from all electronics.  Roasted marshmallows, smores and hotdogs on a stick.  What more could a family ask for?

Rockscape Gallery
Rockscape Gallery

Flagstone paths often lead to new beginnings.  Conversations seem effortless and carefree when strolling among your private outdoor space.

Rockscape Gallery
Rockscape Gallery

Imagine friends and family gathered around a charming and serene water fountain.  What a lovely conversation area to relax in.

Rockscape Gallery
Rockscape Gallery

A trickling stream with perfectly placed rocks to create a symphony with nature.  

Not sure where to get started?  Ask the experts at Rockscape.  This is home to them.



Modern Meets Muskoka

Imagine the interior of your cottage having smooth and sleek, simple and structured lines coupled with a modern oasis of furniture and abstract or precise art work.  A style like this can really say something about who you are.  Now imagine stepping outside into a fantasy space of historic flavour and freestyle form of traditional landscape.  Can you see the granite stone steps leading to a flagstone path amid lush greenery and winding through your garden of colour, an array of shapes and sizes?  You really can have the best of both worlds!

When I think of traditional Muskoka landscape, I think of memories for generations to come.

Beautiful granite pathway over-looking a modern Muskoka cottage.


Rustic Muskoka goodness. What an incredible view for sitting by the fire and relaxing.
Stunning granite flagstone patio leading down to a waterfront oasis.
One never knows where a path can lead.
Take a walk up the rugged stone steps and mix it up with the sleek lines of a modern cottage design.

Now that you are relaxed and filled with visions of peace and beauty, give us a call so we can help you design your outdoor living!


Landscape Outside the Boundaries

In our case- outside the boundaries of Muskoka, where we also expanded our design to include materials and plants not generally included in our Muskoka projects. Late last year Rockscape took on this project with a special purpose Dog Tales, a horse and rescue shelter-

“an animal sanctuary like no other! The farm is located on an incredible 50 acres of green fields, rolling hills, and wooded areas in King City Ontario, just a short drive from downtown Toronto.  Our picturesque location is the perfect safe haven for lost, abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for forever homes. Our property features three large barns for the horses and an indoor arena which we have transformed into a one of a kind doggie haven, complete with unique animal artwork from all around the world. We rescue dogs and horses from across Canada…”

Traditionally we work on sloped waterfronts with lots of boulders, stonework, large existing trees, and a harsh climate. This King City farm presented its own set of challenges- large flat expanses that had to be a very hard working and durable because of the amount of use it will see.

If you read our last post, you will recognize this as our excavator lifted by a crane over the main driveway.


All of the walkways are made of stamped concrete, they are poured in large areas and stamped to give them the effect of natural stone. They are extremely durable, completely level and very low maintenance. It is also less expensive than natural stone.

IMG_0722 IMG_0723 IMG_0725

The warmer zone 5b climate, also allowed us to plant with perennials and shrubs that wouldn’t survive in Muskoka- roses, butterfly bush, along with different hydrangea varieties all planted to match the owner’s aesthetic.

Large flat expanses of farm land were sodded, the lawn areas provide a durable low maintenance area to entertain and to let the rescue dogs play.


The idea to convert a traditional drainage swale into large bubbling stream. quickly became a focal point with a natural stone bridge built above. The bridge leads to a cafe where the stone terrace was still being installed by some of our crew.


We wrapped up this project in mid autumn 2014, in preparation for the successful grand opening. For which the Rockscape team completely decked out the exterior with fall displays. Although the last thing we want to think about right now is fall, we can still appreciate the display!


For more information on Dog Tales Rescue Sanctuary please visit: www.dogtales.ca