In Bloom: We’re seeing white

Finding beauty in an untouched landscape is always a good moment, over the past week these blooming natives caught our attention.

seeing white

Clockwise from left-Trillium grandiflorum or “large-flowered” trillium, Viburnum lantana ‘Mohican’ or Mohican vibernum, Amelanchier Canadensis or Shadblow serviceberry

These white blooms command attention in nature but can also easily be incorporated into the planted landscape. Trilliums are probably the first bloom come spring and prefer a moist shady spot to slowly mature. The Mohican viburnum is a slow growing small tree or large shrub maxing out at about seven feet, best used mass planted in the back of a landscape or as stand-alone accent. Similar to the viburnum the serviceberry is a small multi-stem tree with an airy open habit, suited best in a sunny location where it can appreciated on its own and mature to a height of ten to twelve feet.

Hopefully we’ve convinced you to include some of these white natives into the landscape- they won’t disappoint!