We’re Back! Spring has Sprung at Rockscape!

We’re Back! Spring has Sprung at Rockscape!

April 11, 2017

Welcome back to our blog!  It’s been a while since we updated but please stay connected so you can follow along on our journey.

What better time to pre-order your annual planters than early spring!

Our seasoned professional landscapers will install your annual planters as early as late May, as long as the risk of frost is gone.  Don’t miss out, pre- order now before they sell out!

Add non-stop show of colour to your outdoor space with potted annuals.

There are many types of pots to choose from and a couple of pros and cons to consider.  If time is limited, you may want to purchase pots for your plants.  If you are the creative type, then you could consider making your own pots out of repurposed material, such as an old barrel or a metal pot.  Whatever your lifestyle or time requirements are, Rockscape can help you choose the pots and annual plants to make your outdoor space relaxing, inspiring and beautiful!

Create some eye candy to your windows by adding depth, colour and texture.
Window boxes aren’t just for windows, they can bring life to your flat surfaces and act as a barrier without the use of a fence.


Outdoor annuals can show up in surprising places!
Nothing says spring like the brightly coloured Calibrachoa.  This one of Rockscape’s favourites as it adds a summer-long pop of colour and can be found in a variety of colours. Requires full sun and is fairly low maintenance.

Be Creative! Mix it up a little by adding Swiss chard to a planter, looks great and is healthy to eat!

Honey bees just love any kind of mint.  Include some spearmint or peppermint in your planters and watch the honey bees pollinate!

Contact Rockscape and we will be happy to help you kick start spring!




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